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Welcome to the Potty Expert, where you'll find custom packages to assist you in your potty training adventure.


Hi, I'm DeDe Bailey, Certified Potty Training Consultant

I’m a professional consultant who assists families with one of childhood’s most daunting milestones. I find incredible joy in not only empowering you, the parent, with the information needed to help your child succeed, but also in watching as your child gains the confidence and sense of pride associated with becoming diaper-independent! I’m endlessly fascinated by child psychology and love working with parents and their children in service of such an important and formative moment in their lives.

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What Parents of Potty Trained Kids Say

"I was pleasantly surprised with how well your potty plan worked for Emily! Nearly every suggestion worked like a charm and I actually can't believe how quickly we went from daily accidents to being fully potty trained. Thank you so much!"

Annie B.

Emily, 3 years old

We thought nighttime training would be easy because Henry had mastered number ones in the potty, but oh boy, that wasn't the case at all! DeDe was able to get us over the hump and out of pull-ups and now, finally, no more diapers in this house!

Lauren F.

Henry, 29 months

"It was so helpful having our own personal training guide that was written specifically for Jeremiah's needs. She really listened to all of our concerns and got our extremely stubborn and sensitive (and shy!) son not only using the toilet like a pro at home, but also at school, which was by far our biggest issue. "

Keisha J.

Jeremiah, 4 years old