The Beauty of Bubbles

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Did you know that when we blow out air it activates the same muscles we use to pass our bladder and bowels?

Blowing bubbles. So simple, yet so effective! If you ever run into a situation where your child is hesitant to release on the potty, try getting them to blow some bubbles while they sit. This is not only a super fun activity with an exciting new twist (bubbles, inside the house?), it's also a distraction that takes their mind off of any potential discomfort or fear around the task at hand with the physical side effects of relaxing the bowels and the bladder for a release. Aside from the standard way children blow bubbles, here are some fun variations to try!

  • Have your child blow through a straw into a glass of water to make bubbles and funny noises.

  • Let your kiddo play a kazoo, a toy trumpet, or a harmonica.

  • YOU blow bubbles while your child tries to move them around using only their breath.

Who knew potty training could be so fun?

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