Time for Undies!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Read on for a few tips about transitioning your child to their big kid underwear.

Finally, so long and good riddance to diapers! But before you purchase your child's new underwear, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Size Up

It is important that when buying new underwear you do so in a size larger than your child normally wears. During the potty training process, snug fitting underwear can too closely resemble the feeling (and security) of a diaper. Keeping it a little loose will aid in your child's increasing body awareness as they are mastering this new skill.

2. Get Plenty of Pairs

Learning something new can be a challenge, and it's only reasonable to expect some accidents in the beginning of the training process! Buying two to three packs will keep you well stocked when you encounter those 'oopsies,' and keep you from having to do constant loads of laundry.

3. Let Your Child Pick

Letting your child choose the type of underwear and what character they feature will not only get them excited about their upcoming transition, but it also promotes dryness as they'll often take extra care to keep them clean. On day one with their new underwear, try saying something like, "Now remember, Elmo doesn't like to get wet." It's just a little extra incentive for your child to stay dry.

4. Practice Makes Perfect!

Have your child practice pulling their new underwear up and down. If they're having a hard time, it helps to have them stand facing away from you or sitting on your lap while you help them so that they can see it from their own perspective.

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